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Carbon Footprint Calculation

We could conduct carbon footprint (GHG) calculation for you according to internationally recognised standards (e.g. ISO 14067, PAS 2050), to help you develop a holistic and scientific view regarding the global warming potential of the product or building.

Life Cycle Assessment

An LCA adds up the interactions with the environment which take place during the included life cycle stages. Based on your needs, we could carry out LCA study for your products, buildings or service according to ISO 14040/14044 standards/framework.

Further comparative LCA study or eco-design could also be provided with the aim of product and service optimisation in terms of environmental impacts reduction.

Environmental Product Declaration

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a report based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products or service, and used to convey information about the potential impacts on environment and human health during products' or service's life cycle stages that are included in the system boundary (cradle to gate, cradle to gate with options, or cradle to grave).  

We work closely with international EPD operators, including EPD Norge, IBU (Germany), the International EPD System (Sweden), EPDItaly, SCS (North America), UL (USA), INIES (France), and the Dutch National Environmental Database (Nationale Milieudatabase NMD). We could accompany you and guide you through the whole process until the EPD is officially registered and published.

Carbon Neutrality Path Design

Through carbon reduction methods, such as afforestation, energy optimisation, emission reduction, manufacturing process optimisation, etc., the carbon emissions could be offset or inset to achieve the purpose of "net zero emissions".

According to your needs, we could design customised strategies for you to help you achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

We could help you obtain the internationally recognized carbon neutral certifications e.g. Carbon Neutral / Reducing CO certificate from Carbon Trust, CarbonNeutral certification from Climate Impact Partners, Carbon Neutral Certified from SCS Global Services on the purpose of for instance earning Amazon CLIMATE PLEDGE FRIENDLY badge for your products.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Globalisation has made the management of our supply chain more complex than it used to be. A transparent, traceable, sustainable supply chain is the key of making excellent products and providing superior service. Let's pay attention to the hidden part of the iceberg.


We could help you build your supply chain management system from ESG (Environmental, social, and cooperate governance) perspective, and evaluate your suppliers according to professional ESG metrics.

​LCA Training Programs

With the trend of applying carbon footprint and life cycle theory, more and more brands in various industries are organizing their own LCA team, training own LCA talents, and building LCA abilities internally. The sustainable development of products and enterprises is integrated into the organizational structure.


we have rich experience in providing customized training programs and carrying out related training for leading enterprises in the industry. No matter you are new to LCA or a professional with some basics, we can develop a suitable training program for you according to your needs.

More Services

For more services, please contact us. 

We could think outside the box together to find a solution for you!

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