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"What is the color of sustainability?

Klein blue, greenery, primrose yellow or neutral 

There is no absolute answer.
You decide, we help."

———— Star Talers

About us

Star Talers EnviroTech Ltd is a company based in Qianhai (front bay) business district, Shenzhen, China. We provide consulting services on sustainability for brand customers. The scope of our service covers product life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprint (CFP), environmental product declarations (EPD), carbon-neutral path design, cradle to cradle certification, sustainable supply chain management, and building life cycle environmental impact analysis.


Star Talers is a firm listed by the Swedish International EPD System to provide LCA and EPD consultancy service, and also a member of ECO Platform, to promote and to contribute to the sustainable development on a global level. Our co-founder Ms. Dandan LI is an independent verifier recognized by the Swedish International EPD System.


We have a dynamic, young, and passionate team with rich project experience ranging from the very first internationally recognized EPD projects in China (construction products, electrical and electronic products, photovoltaic modules, electric vehicles etc.) to designing carbon neutral strategies for real estate groups. We aim to provide customized services and help our clients achieve the mid- to long-term goals of sustainability. 


Your Path

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